FEM 2.0- society’s issues and women’s voices

Well, I just got home from the Fem 2.0 Conference at The George Washington University (a special shout-out to my alma mater for hosting!)

What a great experience! I was only able to attend the afternoon session, but I got to go to the Media and Culture: Interjecting Feminism Into Popular Culture session, as well as the Plenary session. It was great, because I got to briefly connect with Latoya Peterson— one of the main reasons I attended. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see Viva La Feminista since I couldn’t get off work till the afternoon, but I hear her panels were great.



There were an estimated 250 feminists of all ages, races, sexual orientations, etc, making incredibly interesting and inspiring comments on a range of topics. Some ideas that came out of what I experienced:

-There needs to be a much more unified message & collaboration between pro-feminist, progressive organizations. Sometimes it feels like these groups don’t speak to each other, and remain focused in their important yet narrowed trajectories.  Gay rights groups, feminist groups, civil rights anti-racism groups– they need to be greater allies because power comes in numbers and diversity. All of these issues intersect (again, ‘feminism’ doesnt mean white heterosexuals, gay people aren’t all male, and POC are also queer and feminist!) , and combined I believe they would have their greatest effectiveness.

Feminism is “a human operating system.” I think this really nailed the term for me. I’ve heard people describe it as a ‘philosophy’ or ‘religion’ but those aren’t necessarily accurate.  Philosophy doesn’t go far enough, and religion isn’t entirely accurate. Human operating system successfully demonstrates the fact that feminism affects every aspect of our lives, the way we think, interact, decide, love, study, learn, write, teach.

-There IS a mobilized group of people, even just in the amount of people who were able to attend. THIS IS A HUGE RESOURCE. We must use it.

-Diversity of ideas is essential. Diversity of experience is essential.

-Analyzing and second guessing popular culture is important. These things shape our lives, and are a reflection of what societies thinks is important. We have to encourage each other’s creativity and let it flourish, because no matter how progressive the men are, we cannot rely on them to change the system for us.

Anyway, its been quite a good day, and I definitely have more topics/ideas that I want to blog about soon…

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One Comment on “FEM 2.0- society’s issues and women’s voices”

  1. veronica Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! And can you believe that I totally forgot that Christine Brennan was even there? Dear goddess I love her. Glad you made it out even for the afternoon.

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