Birth Control IS Stimulating

All the debate about Obama’s Economic Stimulus bill and Family Planning is really stirring things up for me.

For one, I’m 100% for allowing ALL women the greatest possible access to practice their reproductive rights and obtain birth control.

For a second reason, because I work with people on Medicaid.

Now, I’m not sure if people realize how extremely indigent you have to be in order to qualify for Medicaid benefits. The poverty line is set at $10,400 for an individual. And may I just add that to even afford housing in Washington, DC you have to make  much more than that. In addition, people generally only qualify for Medicaid if they are disabled or have children to provide for.

And boy, does that leave a lot of people out.

People who are struggling every day to pay their bills– most financially disadvantaged people can’t qualify for Medicaid and certainly can’t afford to pay for their own private insurance.  

Now take a low-SES woman. Not only does she have general health issues to worry about, she has to worry about paying for her own sexual health. Furthermore, she is generally less educated, and has WAY less access to knowledge about birth control and contraception. Which gives her a MUCH greater chance of getting pregnant unintentionally. Which can lead to her raising that child alone in many cases. Which she cannot afford.  

Including contraception in this bill would allow a huge amount of low income women to access information and birth control. They will have control over their bodies and their futures. They can PLAN to not have children, to start getting on a track to economic stability and be more  in charge of their destinies.

Let alone the fact that birth control frequently has incredibly positive health effects (i.e. condoms reduce STIs, the pill reduces cysts & cervical/ovarian problems).

Let alone the fact that not just these women will save money, the country will too- fewer unplanned pregnancies to people who can’t afford to pay for them. More people getting out of poverty because they will have fewer costs.

The bottom line? Republicans don’t see women’s health/economic situations as important. Scratch that, people don’t see women’s health/economic situations as important. Forget that they’re half the country. Or the world. Or that there is already enough discrimination and barriers to their advancement  in the first place. Or that they will be caring, often times alone, for this country’s next generation. No, that’s right. Their needs aren’t as important. (And yes, sexual health is a need).

check this Nation column out for more info
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2 Comments on “Birth Control IS Stimulating”

  1. Samuel L. Says:

    The topic is quite hot in the net at the moment. What do you pay the most attention to when choosing what to write ?

  2. aintiawoman Says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

    The topic is indeed quite hot, given the current economic climate and decisions that need to be made about economic stimulus. I tend to choose topics of the most interest to me, that I think are affecting women the most. I also like to pick things that are timely and that I have a personal connection to/understanding of. For instance, I work with health care issues and individual clients, so I have my own two cents to put in about these topics.

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