WOC Blog Carnival Plug

Today, everyone should head over to http://tellitwocspeak.blogspot.com/, where Renee, of Womanist Musings has a WOC Blog Carnival:

Tell It Women Of Color Speak, is dedicated to giving voice to women of color. Historically we have been marginalized, exploited and silenced. Throughout our difficult history we have struggled to maintain our dignity and self-worth. It is in the name of our fore mothers who struggled so that we could be here today that I call this carnival.
Submissions can range from gender, history, politics, sexuality, personal stories etc. I will place no limits as we have been limited enough. Please feel free to share, as we are all on similar journeys. It is my hope that we will devise survival strategies together. For those that seek to ‘other’ us, read and learn, there is so much we have to teach

Everyone should check it out.

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2 Comments on “WOC Blog Carnival Plug”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Your website addy caught my eye.

    Looking forward to more of your words and thoughts unfolding…

  2. aintiawoman Says:

    Why thank you 🙂 Welcome.

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