‘Cause I’ve already ripped off my mask’



Mike Check is probably my second favorite…after “First Writing Since” which I already posted before

Oh and here’s some Sista Queen cause she’s the shit and I’m on a Def Poetry kick.

‘Try being a lady’ Oh, you mean you want me to act catty and shady,
play with me like a doll, degrade me then trade me.
Use me as your trophy so that you can parade me, Use my vagina to only birth babies.
Be your damsel in distress so a brother can save me, hmmm, HOW BOUT NOT!
Cause if my tongue was a trigger you would have been shot,
Get real i’ma stay inappropriate till I fucking rot. I don’t talk about love, i don’t talk about sex
I don’t talk about things that’ll put your dick on erect. I won’t pour you some tea,
I won’t bake you some cookies, I won’t be your next Ciara singing about my goodies.
I won’t speak when I’m spoken to, how about I speak when I choose,
I don’t care if you the press I’m gonna speak my views.
I won’t be what you want, I won’t be what you ask,
how about some of you LADIES show your real face cuz I’ve already ripped off my mask
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