Same old Stereotypes about Feminism

I was reading Entertainment Weekly when I came across this quote from Lady GaGa

”I think it’s great to be a sexy, beautiful woman who can f— her man after she makes him dinner,” she says. ”There’s a stigma around feminism that’s a little bit man-hating. And I don’t promote hatred, ever. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate women who feel that way. I’ve got a lot of gay women friends that are like, ‘Put your clothes on.’ People just have different views about it. I’m not wrong. I’m free. And if it’s wrong to be free, then I don’t want to be right. Things are changing. We’ve got a black president, people.”

Not that I expected much from this random pop artist, but really? Feminism is about hate? That’s the oldest lie in the book. I really wish people wouldn’t make comments about feminism when they don’t know anything about it, and when they can’t open up their minds a little more. 

Not to mention the rest of the tangent she goes on. Feminism is about hate, and she doesn’t promote hate, but its cool if you do. Like gay women. They hate men and want her to keep her close on. You know, like a regular ol’ man-hating frigid feminazi. Oh, and she’s right because we have a black president. Whaaaaat? I have no idea where she was trying to go with this but it just reinforces all the negative FALSE stereotypes about what feminism is and who feminists are. So all these little girls looking up to her are going to think feminism is stupid. Siiiigh.

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One Comment on “Same old Stereotypes about Feminism”

  1. Fiqah Says:

    You know, I kinda feel bad for celebs. Because not all of them are thinkers, but almost all of them are talkers, and quite a few of them have a huge listening audience. So – they say stupid crap. I think what Ms. GaGa may have been trying to say is that there’s a stigma around popular conceptions of feminism that basically say “feminism = hatred of all things male/masculinity.” And that maybe all that got mixed up when she tried to distance herself oh-so-subtley from being called a feminist…even though she, you know, wants to be “free.” Aaannnd freeing women is fundamentally what feminism is all about. ::: shakes head ::: Co-sign the long sigh.

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