Have We Overcome Our Need to Pose Overly Simplistic Questions?

I feel like every time I pull up CNN.com, there is some inane question or line about race or sex equality.  Today, it comes in the form of: Have We Overcome Our Race Problems?

Even posing this question as a realistic and reasonable inquiry shows a really poor and shallow understanding of the issues. Racial equality is not some sort of checklist and once we hit certain check points (voting rights, check. black president, check.) we can consider it over and done with.

There’s nothing wrong in discussing how race relations have improved, and there’s nothing wrong with giving a hopeful outlook on ways things can continue to improve. But I think think that framing the question this way feeds the simplistic ways most Americans (particularly white Americans) think about race. And because we’re not discussing it in a largely mature or deep way, we fail to really think about how race affects our own lives: our privileges, our prejudices. We have to seriously confront those or we aren’t going to get far enough.


Still to come…a personal blog about Mother’s Day.

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