Wackest Search Terms Part I

For bloggers, viewing what search terms people use to find your blog can be a scary, depressing, interesting, or fun experience. I thought I’d share some of the strange things people google in order to come across my blog. 


1) “sex between girls at 15 age” – lets hope this person wasn’t googling underage porn. Maybe just curious about youths discovering  lesbianism? Errr…

2) “what not to say to a feminist woman” – haha! Well, I’m glad someone is taking the initiative to not offend. I could give you a few pointers. “Feminazi,” “you’re being too sensitive,” “bitch,” etc. 

3) “depictions of masturbation” –  This is not that kind of blog!

4) “what do men want out of a woman?” – hey! if you figure that out online, let me know!

5) “white women black births” – umm…hmmm..

6) “lady gaga thinks feminists are angry” – yes, she does! sometimes, we are!

7) “women can vote” – yes, they let us do that now!

8 ) “rape or sex” – um. very serious distinction.

9) “do pageants promotes racism degrade women” – answer: yes.

10) “don’t hate me cause i’m” – ….beautiful? I don’t!

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2 Comments on “Wackest Search Terms Part I”

  1. Fiqah Says:

    Oh, honey! These are golden. And, you know, icky and infuriating…all the rest of it. My all time favorite is STILL “pitfalls of dating black women if white” which came up in three separate searches. I luvz teh internetz.

  2. aintiawoman Says:

    I know, right?! You inspired me to take a good hard look at my own search terms after your post! Don’t you wonder what people are expecting when they google things like “pitfalls of dating black women if white.” Amazing! And insane. Sighhh…the internets: love ’em, hate ’em 🙂

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